Braided Type C to Type C

Braided Type C to Type C


Colour : Red

• Strongly built! Zip Zap braided Type C to Type C is a high quality, double covering wire made to last long with ultimate charging experience. It is a double covering coating with flexible indestructible

• edges.

• Port type – Type C to Type C.

• Charging – 4 amp fast charge.

• Length of the wire – Available in both 1 meter and 2 meters.

• Compatibility – With all Type C compatible devices.

• Data transfer – fast data transmission with speed up to 480 Mbps to sync your devices.

• Design – Tangle-free braided wire for easy use and comfort at your home and office.

• Intuitive reversible design – Can’t decide which side to put in the charging slot? It’s okay, the Zip Zap braided Type C to Type C is made with reversible design technology. Now put in any side and you are good to go.

• Strong wire – Double braided strong wire designed to withstand even the most requesting schedules with excellent performance.

• Flexible – The double braided coating is highly flexible allowing the wire to take bends and avoiding breakage.

• Warranty – 6 months warranty period

• Colors available – Black, Red, and Grey