Bazinga Classic+

Bazinga Classic+


Colour : Boomer Blue

• WHO- World Health Organisation has recommended that kids headphone should not have more than 85 decibel rating. Using adult headphones for your kids while they’re doing school from home will lead to damaging their ears in the longer run. Regular headphones with high volume maybe dangerous for children. Choose wisely. ICCON kids headphone are aligned to WHO-World World Health Organisation guidelines.

• Cushion padding and elasticity – All parents have been worried about long screen time by our kids. To add to the woes now schools are also online. Because the kids skull size is much smaller in comparison to an adult, adult headphones don’t fit them well it causes them irritation while learning. We have designed the perfect cushion padded, with optimal elastic pressure to ensure your kid has a wonderful experience for longer hours of school.

• Eye Catchy – It comes in trendy blue and pink colours.

• Good material and durable – We understand that this is an investment for you. We have also studied rough usage of kids when it comes to electronic devices. To ensure your Blood Pressure remains normal we have used high quality, light weight material which will last long. Be it the cables or the body of the headphones.

• School from home – Kids are used to studying in school and not at homes. They are not used to getting disturbed by their mothers zoom calls from office or the cooker’s whistle. To ensure they don’t get disturbed we’ve designed a noise isolating headphones.
• Itch free long hours usage – Ergonomically designed for long hours of usage.

• Extra Aux to snoop in onto your kids lecture. Extra 3.5mm Aux-in