Snug Swag Classic +

Snug Swag Classic +


Colour : White

• Not sure how to make the ultimate style statement? Get yourself the Snug Swag Classic + and be stylish always.

• Exceptional Swag – The ICCONic Snug Swag Classic + is designed to fit all ear types. Has the ultimate fit with stylish looks. Comfortable for long hours.

• Battery life – Enjoy 3 hrs of battery life on a single charge. Place them back in the case and enjoy for 9 hrs.

• Gesture controls – Struggling to learn how to use the TWS? Well not anymore. Snug Swag Classic + has easy one-tap control button. No more hassle, just smooth working.

• Range – Bluetooth 5.0 for long-range.

• Warranty period – 6 months

• Package contains – TWS case , TWS buds, Charging wire.

• Charge – Charges with omnipresent micro USB cable. Takes only 2 hrs to fully charge the case.

• Compatible with – Android, Windows, and iOS

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