Smita Ji is a 42-year-old ticket seller for the Indian railways in Indore. Her life is simple and uncomplicated, she wakes up every day and makes breakfast for her husband, a station master at the Indore railway station, her 10-year-old son Vibin and her 64-year-old mother in law. She packs her and her husband’s lunch tiffin and gets her son ready for school.
She then drops her son to the school bus at their gate and then heads to the railway station with her husband on his rickety old scooter.

At the railway station, it’s business as usual, punching tickets and chatting with her colleagues, what brings a respite to her otherwise mundane day are the stand-up specials she watches on OTT platforms on her phone. Travellers are quite amused by her as when they ask for a ticket, she is usually guffawing away at a joke made by the comedian while handing them the ticket and telling them the platform they need to go to.

At lunchtime, she narrates the jokes to her colleagues who find her way of narrating the jokes very entertaining. They tell her that she too must try stand up. She brushes off their suggestions but secretly wonders whether she can do something like this.

Once she’s off work, she and her husband head to a local ‘chaat’ shop, their everyday ritual. They share an ‘Indori kachori’ and catch up on each other’s day before heading home. After dinner Smita comes up with her jokes and tries them on her husband, he gets quite amused by this new obsession of hers and records her videos for her to judge her performance. Smita watches her videos and laughs out loud, she’s a big fan of her jokes.

Once it’s time for bed she keeps the phone down and lies in bed wondering whether life could be any different, or should it, she’s happy with her life, but it could be better, couldn’t it?

Smitas ideal holiday destination is Mumbai and Delhi where she gets to see the city life in all its elements.

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