Sandra is a 19-year-old lifestyle influencer in Bandra, Mumbai. Sandra just celebrated getting 275k followers on her Instagram page, while her TikTok page has already reached 50k followers. A peppy and energetic young girl, Sandra can easily be mistaken to be on a constant diet of Red Bull, but in fact, she’s just naturally a livewire.

Sandra decided to use her good looks, high energy, charming personality, and love for fashion to jump on the influencer bandwagon, also seeing her parents work at boring 9-5 corporate jobs that are thankless and full of stress, Sandra was so sure that was one road she didn’t want to go down.
Since then Sandra has been the go-to influencer for teens, be it fashion advice, makeup advice, health and fitness advice, love, and life advice or to share her beachside adventures. Brands that cater to teens and young adolescents flock to Sandra, and she along with her videographer buddy Joshua can be spotted at Starbucks every day brainstorming on new content and keeping in check with the ongoing trends and topics to stay relevant.Apart from her work life, Sandra is a complete water baby and can go from fashion diva to a bikini babe effortlessly. She can be found at Otters club every evening taking a dip in the pool. A certified scuba diver, Sandra takes off once to twice a year to the Andaman Islands or Sri Lanka for a quick diving trip. Though she’s young and may come across as childish to some, she has great business acumen and a creative brain to come up with engaging content. Sandra is one influencer to watch out for in the near future!Her favorite holiday destination is wherever there is a beach and preferably a diving spot.
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