Pandey Ji is a 49-year-old pan shop owner in Patna. Pandey Ji is often referred to as the local newspaper of Patna, as he is constantly abreast of all the gossip around town. His shop is less of a store to sell pan and more of a social ‘adda’ for the neighborhood uncles, with his phone constantly blaring local songs.There is no lack of business due to his popularity and while his hands move swiftly to lather the ingredients on the betel leaves it is his ears and mouth that are even more active. Who owes whom money, which ministers’ sons beat which cop, who cheated on whom, and who spent how much on their daughters’ wedding, Pandey Ji knows it all.
A student of Whatsapp University, Pandey Ji keeps dissipating information that he has been forwarded on Whatsapp, with no regard to whether it is true or false.

Every night he has to be threatened by his wife on the phone to shut his shop and come home. In the morning too he eagerly awaits opening his shop, much to the disdain of his homemaker wife. His two sons though love it as they get to do as they please and play up throughout the day.

Life for Pandeyji is all about the freshest hottest gossip in the neighborhood or what’s trending in the news. There’s not much more that Pandey Ji desires, he feels he has it all!

His favorite holiday destination is Varanasi where he likes to visit each year to wash away his sins in the Ganges.
Pandey Ji cherishes his SNUG SWAG TWS Earbuds as it was a gift from his close group of friends. He uses them when he’s at home or on his day off to chat with his friends or listen to music.
With frequent power cuts Pandey Ji has invested in the SMASSH Power Bank to keep his phone charged at all times. The high-performance portable device is a lifeline for Pandey Ji.
With his phone constantly blaring songs, or buzzing with the hottest gossip and Whatsapp forwards, Pandey Ji relies on the VROOM VROOM Charging Dock to keep his phone charged while at his pan shop.