Kavitha is a 28-year-old from Hyderabad who works at an Animal Rescue and Rehab NGO. Fun-loving and jovial, Kavitha spends her free time practicing yoga and is quite proud of having mastered the full chakrasana after five years of dedicated practice. She follows a slew of yoga channels on YouTube and is always trying to better her practice by watching videos on her mobile phone or laptop.
Another daily exercise Kavitha never misses is feeding the stray dogs and cats in her colony. An animal lover by heart, Kavitha is a strict vegan and lives by the mantra “Live & Let Live”. Her two dogs Ringo and Pluto and her cat Fuji are like her own three children

Recently at the KBR Park in Jubilee Hills, Kavitha discovered a group of Acro yoga practitioners which Kavitha found both fascinating and challenging. Now Kavitha too is a part of their group and can be seen trying out different poses which she records to better her practice as well as to share on her Instagram page.She has a strong relationship with her parents and younger brother and keeps a small circle of close friends. Her parents would love to see Kavitha settled but aren’t pushy, unlike her other relatives. Kavitha too is open to meeting boys but is not in a hurry and meets only those boys whose profiles stand out.Though she is usually in the best of spirits, any crime against animals pain her and she isn’t afraid to raise her voice when needed for a good cause.Her favorite holiday destination is Rishikesh where you can spot her at the Iyengar Yoga Centre, living the healthy, simple and good life.
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