Karanveer is a sales executive at the BMW showroom in Delhi. Growing up Karanveer was always obsessed with cars and used to sneak out in his dad’s Maruti Van while just in the 8th standard. He turned his passion for cars into a work opportunity and has been the top sales executive at the showroom for 3 years straight.

You can find him glued to his phone looking at car reviews of every car model around the world and constantly staying abreast of developments in the auto market.
A charming and friendly young man, Karanveer can befriend anyone and everyone with his versatility. He shifts from smooth English with a sophisticated client and earthy Hindi and Punjabi to match the pulse of other clients.

The life of the party, Karanveer loves unwinding at the local pub with his friends or partying at Bollywood music playing nightclub with his fiancé Harleen.

A fitness enthusiast, Karanveer never skips his morning workout in his neighborhood gym, he then compensates for the calories burnt by relishing the food at Rule The Rolls and Moti Mahal.

An Instagram addict and not someone to shy away from the limelight, Karanveer regularly posts his workout pictures, fitness meals, photos of him partying with his gang, and his fiancé Harleen.

A trickster, Karanveer once convinced his fiancé to enter the showroom posing as a customer, he then went on to take her for a test drive in a BMW 7 series.

Soon to be wedded Karanveer is looking out for a bigger house for his family and him and his wife to shift to. His ideal holiday destination is Bali, where he can both relax and party.

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