Jignesh is a 32-year-old stock trader from Surat who lives in an upper-middle-class colony with his parents, wife Sarita, and 4-year-old daughter Vibha. He runs his small stock trading firm and does well for himself.

Till a few years ago Jignesh had only two passions, one to make money and the second to watch his favorite sport cricket. Jignesh has never missed an IPL match or the matches of the Indian cricket teams, constantly glued to his phone when the matches are on. A big Virat Kohli fan, Jignesh is still waiting for Virat to win the IPL title.
But now after losing a cricket bet with a friend, Jignesh was forced to run 5k. Strangely enough though Jignesh, quite enjoyed the challenge and has since taken to running.

Now Jignesh spends his mornings running 5k daily with the local runner’s group and ups it to a steady 10k on Sundays. He recently completed his 6th half marathon and is now aiming to finish his very first full marathon. Highly competitive, Jignesh has his mobile strapped to his arm on every run, tracking his time and listening to upbeat Bollywood songs to motivate himself.

A social butterfly Jignesh spends his evenings with his school friends at the Floral Park in Piplod where they discuss business, politics, Bollywood, women, and cricket. A calculative risk-taker, Jignesh loves to bet on the IPL matches amongst his friends. Passionate and loud, his personality is showcased both in his way of speaking and his clothes.

His favorite holiday destination is Dubai, where you can find him lazing at a hotel pool or shopping to his heart’s delight.


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