Gopi is a 27-year-old hot beverage (tea, coffee, and bournvita) and cigarette seller in Mumbai. Gopi was instantly struck by the charm of Mumbai, the minute he got down from the passenger train at CST. It’s been 9 years since that day and Gopi has never looked back.

A happy go, lucky soul, Gopi is warm and friendly with a big heart, which has helped him acquire a large group of friends, well-wishers, and customers.
Unlike most people, Gopi begins his day in the evenings preparing hot milk and restocking sugar, tea powder, coffee powder, bournvita, plastic cups, and cigarettes. Once ready, he calls his wife back in Allahabad and speaks to her and their two little children.

After a quick dinner with his roommate, Rakesh the plumber in their tiny shanty, he sets out to Marine Drive where he plies his trade on his faithful cycle. After 9 years Gopi knows who comes for a walk on Marine Drive at what time, which couple meets at what spot at what time, most importantly though he knows all his customers inside out, how they like their tea, coffee, bournvita and which customer smokes which brand of cigarettes.

While serving them their beverage Gopi never misses a chance to chat up with them about the happenings in Mumbai, asking them about the well being of their family and his favorite topic cricket.

Gopi is not just another cricket fan, but a walking talking bible of cricket. So much so that his customers ask him for his prediction before a match, which he mostly gets right. Though he never bets on the matches, he’s made a lot of money for his customers with his predictions.

While his customers sit at home watching the IPL or at Wankhede stadium just across Marine Drive, Gopi uses his mobile phone to watch the match and gloats with pride when his predictions come true. Business after the IPL matches at Wankhede is always booming with his customers coming down to Marine Drive to discuss the match with him over a cup of tea.

At that moment he and his customers become one, they aren’t big businessmen and he isn’t just a hot beverage and cigarette seller, instead, they all become a bunch of cricket frenzied Mumbaikars talking, discussing, and fighting about their opinions about the cricket match that just took place. Life for Gopi couldn’t get any better!

Though the city of Mumbai doesn’t sleep, Gopi still has to, and at daybreak when his stock is exhausted Gopi heads home with his earnings. He stops by for some breakfast at the neighborhood restaurant and calls up his family to catch up before his children head to school. He then heads to his shanty to get some rest. While his roommate Rakesh and other Mumbaikars jostle with each other to get to work, Gopi puts on his little fan in his shanty and passes out.

His favorite holiday destination is going back to Allahabad to meet his wife, kids, parents, and grandparents.


When the cricket season, especially the IPL is on, Gopi streams the whole match on his phone, catching glimpses of it every now and then, while serving his customers. Thanks to the high performance SMASSH Power Bank and the ZIP ZAP Charging Cable Gopi keeps his phone charged to stay up to date with his favourite sport
When Gopi is on the move or buzzing with orders, he relies on his FUNKY BEATS Wired Earphones to listen to the commentators comment on the match or catch the late-night retro music hour on the radio.


Easy on his pocket and high on performance, the POW WOW Battery helps Gopi stay connected to his family back in Allahabad or catch up on LIVE cricket matches on his Android smart phone.