Ashfaq is a 22-year-old upcoming rapper from Dharavi, Mumbai. Highly inspired by the underground hip hop scene in Mumbai and Indie rappers cum ex Dharavi citizens Naezy and Divine, Ashfaq began writing his verses and started spitting his rhymes.

Born and brought up in Dharavi, Ashfaq has roughed it out since he was a kid. His father is a taxi driver, his mother, domestic help and he has two sisters who are in school and high school respectively.
In the day Ashfaq works as a salesman in an electronic shop on Mohammed Ali road, but after hours is when the real Ashfaq stands up. You can spot him constantly on his mobile phone watching videos of Indian and international rappers, on his weekly off him and his friends use his mobile phone to shoot videos of him rapping to publish on his YouTube and Instagram page.

Recently having discovered TikTok, Ashfaq has built a sizeable following for his hip hop based TikToks. Ashfaq is constantly looking for deals on clothing websites to add to his hip-hop wardrobe.

With nothing to lose and having started at the bottom, Ashfaq is confident that there’s only one direction for him and that’s upwards.

Ashfaq enjoys taking day trips with his gang of ‘bantais’ to Karjat or Lonavla in the monsoons.
The SMASSH Power Bank and the ZIP ZAP Charging Cable gives Ashfaq the power he needs to get through the day. Be it watching YouTube videos of local and international rappers, listening to his favourite artists, making TikToks or recording his own rap verses, his phone has the backup it needs to keep running.
The stylish BOOM BOOM Neckbands are the wannabe rapper’s favourite device thanks to their good looks and power packed features.
The SNUG SWAG TWS Earbuds give Ashfaq the flex he’s always wanted! Whether he’s in a busy local train or performing his dance moves with his buddies, the snug fit ensures they stay on at all times.