Abhi is a 19-year-old commerce student from Bengaluru. Abhi is a conflicted teenager, while his father wants him to follow a stable and steady career path and pursue an MBA degree, Abhi a live music fanatic, wants to work in event management. He has recently begun an internship at a local event management company and is having the time of his life, learning on the job.
His parents, both famous doctors knew early on that Abhi didn’t have the aptitude for pursuing an MBBS degree but wished that he would at least become an engineer or hold an MBA degree. This conflict has created a fractured relationship between Abhi and his father, making Abhi rebellious, angry, and resentful towards him.

He now spends his whole day at work and chooses to work late whether there is an event or not. When he’s at home, he isolates himself in his room either listening to music and reading a comic book from his vast collection or watching some of the best live music shows on YouTube.

Off days are spent with his group of friends, but nowadays he chooses to spend even those with his colleagues, whom he idolizes. It’s a difficult time for Abhi and his family as neither can understand each other.

Abhi’s ideal holiday destination is Goa, where he can smoke, drink, and party away without a care in the world.


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