A design company at heart, a tech company in our soul.

What are we trying to solve for?

We all own the expensive Smartphones, Smart TVs, Laptops, Apple TVs, Firesticks and Tablets. But to complete the experience, we needed something more.

Be it for privacy or for cutting off the noise in the surrounding. Or sometimes just to ignore annoying office colleagues. We tried some available accessories in the market. They were a let-down in terms of design. This always led to disappointment for us. We decided to change this altogether.

We faced a lot of problem with accessories, be it TWS not fitting in the ear or mic quality being poor. Be it charging cables breaking at the end or charging docks not fitting the switches properly. We wanted to design the products to the T after intently listening to your irritations with current available products and solve them with our disruptive design thinking.

How are we doing it?

We obsess over your problems and listening to them. Once we understand the problem our product team spends months perfecting each tiny aspect of the product so that you get a delightful experience. Our one point quest is to delight you with our ergonomic products designed for your comfort and productivity. We will keep listening and keep improving. Our Kaizen will go on perennially. It’s in our DNA.

We design for each of you.

We have learnt to obsess over small and big things both. We set out to create products to delight the tech geek, the fashionista and the pragmatic Indian soul in you. That’s how we learnt the habits and ergonomic needs of “Differently Different” you. We have tried narrating your stories and your needs through iconic animated characters created by us. Stay tuned to hear some interesting stories from them. Explore them!

True Wireless Sound

You have had to adjust to absurdly expensive wireless headphones every 2 minutes because no matter what you do, they never seem to fit exactly the way you want. We designed the perfect fitting and feeling products for you. Trust us they fit like a dream. That’s why we call our TWS SNUG & SWAG


You are tired of carrying two cables with your power bank one for your phone and one for charging the grandfathered technology of micro USB charging. We changed that game. We came up with power-bank, which can be charged with iPhone cable and type C cable. All this without compromising on the sleekness or style or the sturdiness. We are damn sure you will enjoy ICCON power bank for years to come. That’s why we call our power banks SMAASH

Wired earphone

You are tired of shouting at the top of your voice while playing PUBG. We studied the problem and un- derstood that the technical problems with mic used and its ergonomic positioning. We went ahead and implemented multidirectional mic and adjusted the positioning of the mic to ensure you don’t die in PUBG as your team couldn’t hear you. All this without compromising on the thump it should deliver. That’s why we call our wired earphones FUNKY BEATS!